17 Weeks of Pregnancy

At 17 weeks of pregnancy your baby is already quite evolved and, as much as you still can’t feel it (especially if it’s your first pregnancy), your baby is already moving a lot. Another important fact for this week concerns the sex of the fetus. If by chance you haven’t found out yet, this is the week you can choose to find out, as this week the testicles or vulva will already be much sharper on the ultrasound.

Just like the tummy and the fetus, Mom’s anxiety is increasing more and more every day. And with it, doubts arise. And that’s exactly why we created this post: to help you understand more clearly everything that happens during the 17th week of pregnancy. So if you want to know more about this topic, just keep reading.

Symptoms at 17 weeks of pregnancy

During the 17 weeks of pregnancy it is common for the mother to experience some symptoms. But don’t worry: it’s an expected situation and doesn’t indicate a problem. Unless they are accompanied by severe abdominal pain or bleeding, then see your obstetrician to see what might be happening.

See what are the most common symptoms of the 17th week of pregnancy:

Appearance of pimples on the skin

Although you have never suffered from acne in your life, during pregnancy it is common for pimples to give some sign. And the reason for this is the increase in the hormone progesterone, making the most oily places in the body and with more sebaceous glands such as the face, cleavage and back to suffer from this problem.

To avoid them, the ideal is that you control skin oils by following a few tips. See what they are:

  • Always keep your skin clean, preferably with the use of neutral soap;
  • Prioritize the use of oil-free moisturizers;
  • Always remove makeup before bed.

body swelling

Body swelling will also appear at this stage of pregnancy due to increased blood flow. It may or may not be accompanied by fatigue at the end of the day.

To prevent this situation from bothering you, be sure to maintain good hydration, wear comfortable clothes, and take short breaks whenever possible.

Itching in the breasts and/or belly

The itch can start to appear in this region and this is a warning sign for you to moisturize your skin a lot, especially in the parts where the itching is more intense. After all, with the increase of breasts and belly during pregnancy, the skin is more susceptible to developing new stretch marks and the main symptom that a new stretch mark is about to come is precisely this: itching in the region.

Weird dreams

Hormonal changes during pregnancy or the anxiety that the mother has been feeling can greatly affect the quality of dreams. For this, always remember to try to stay calm before going to sleep and, if any strange dream happens, know that you don’t need to worry. After all, it’s just dreams and dreams aren’t real, okay?!

Appearance of hemorrhoids

If you have ever had hemorrhoids in your life, make sure you are much more likely to develop them again at that time. To avoid this unpleasant situation, maintain a balanced diet rich in fiber and practice physical activities regularly.

frequent urination

Increased going to the bathroom is a symptom that almost every mother experiences and most likely by this time in pregnancy you have already noticed.

To prevent this symptom from being too uncomfortable for you, make it a habit to go to the bathroom from time to time and, in addition, avoid excessive consumption of fluids just before bed. This way, you prevent the urge to pee to wake you up several times during the night and ensure a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Back pain

In addition to frequent urination, this is another symptom that tends to persist for a long time during pregnancy and is justified by an enlarged belly. You can reduce discomfort through activities and stretching, and with short breaks throughout the day.


Gastrointestinal problems are also frequent at 17 weeks of pregnancy and the reason for this is the amount of progesterone in the body. Be sure to talk to your doctor to understand the best way to control this symptom, ok?

heat waves

Another reason justified by the increase in hormones during pregnancy, hot flashes are quite frequent at 17 weeks of gestation. To relieve them, choose to drink plenty of water and other healthy liquids, such as: natural juices and coconut water, in addition to always choosing light and comfortable clothes to wear.

Changes in pregnant women at 17 weeks of pregnancy

At 17 weeks of gestation, it is likely that the mother has already assumed a new body, with heavier and swollen breasts, a rounder silhouette and even her face is also rounder.

However, in most cases, the belly is still not as evident. She tends to grow more from this period, gaining between 500g to 1kg per week until the end of pregnancy. If by chance you have gained more weight than that, it is recommended that you look for ways to control your weight to avoid losing weight. A balanced and healthy diet and the practice of activities such as Pilates, Yoga and stretching are an excellent option.

Evolution of the fetus at 17 weeks of pregnancy

At 17 weeks of pregnancy, the formation of the fetus is already well advanced and now it needs to finish growing and developing to come into the world. See below for some information about the events of this period:

  • The fetus has a soft, velvety lanugo all over the body and the skin is soft and fragile;
  • Your lungs already have tracheas, bronchi and bronchioles, but the alveoli are still forming and your respiratory system will only function 100% in approximately the 35th week;
  • Its first little teeth are already starting to appear in the jaw bone;
  • Your bones get stronger as calcium is deposited;
  • The umbilical cord is gaining strength;
  • The fetus starts to get fatter, once its formation slows down and the weight gain becomes more intense;
  • The baby is already able to dream and spends a great deal of time sleeping.

What is the size of the fetus at 17 weeks of pregnancy?

During the 17th week of gestation, your baby measures approximately 13cm, which is equivalent to the size of an avocado. Its estimated weight is 140 grams.

Is it already possible to know the sex at 17 weeks of pregnancy?

Yes! If by chance you haven’t known the sex in the previous weeks, by 17 weeks of pregnancy you can talk to your doctor so he can find out if your baby is a little boy or a little girl through ultrasound.

What steps to take during this period?

Now that you know your baby’s gender and that the strongest symptoms of early pregnancy have passed, it’s time to take the time to make some important decisions about your baby! See what they are:

  • Name choice: Have you thought about naming options for your baby? This is an excellent opportunity to define it! At this point, everything is valid: talk to the child’s father, look for meanings, think once, twice, three times or as many times as necessary… Just keep in mind that the ideal is that the choice is a name they like;
  • Choice of godparents: following the same logic as the name, the choice of godparents should also be done with great calm, caution and care. Think about the options you have and define who you want the baby’s godparents to be, taking into account that the godparents must be people very close not only to the couple, but especially to the child;
  • Buying the trousseau: with the sex defined, it is much easier to buy the baby’s things. Search for specific trousseau stores and buy little by little. This way, in addition to not squeezing you financially, you will enjoy every moment of your pregnancy;
  • Set up the little room: the same is used to set up the little room. Will you have a room to reserve for your child? So it’s time to start planning it. Go buying the furniture, paint it and create the project just the way you dreamed. We guarantee that this moment is really magical and very special for daddies!

Well, we hope you understand what the main symptoms and events are at 17 weeks of pregnancy. If you have any questions regarding this matter, just comment here in this post and we clarify,

Oh, and it is noteworthy that all the content of this post is tips and to have a direct and individualized monitoring of your pregnancy, it is essential to follow up with an obstetrician you trust, ok?

We are waiting for you here in our next post to know everything about pregnancy week by week. To the next!

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