28 Weeks of Pregnancy

We arrived at 7 months of pregnancy! And, with it, the final symptoms can become more and more evident, making the mother need to take some extra care to ensure her health and that of her baby. It is also during the 28 weeks of pregnancy that the fetus starts to have a less wrinkled appearance and gains more and more characteristics similar to the baby that will come into the world in the next few weeks.

If the birth happens prematurely during that week, the baby has a chance of surviving as long as he stays in the hospital until his lungs develop fully. But the most indicated and expected is that the childbirth takes place around 40 weeks of pregnancy, that is, there is still some time to wait.

During this period, the baby can be seated and doing some exercises can help him to fit, which will contribute a lot to a safe and comfortable delivery.

If you want to know what are the main symptoms, events and exercises that should be done during the 28 weeks of pregnancy, just continue reading this post. Come with us!

Symptoms at 28 weeks of pregnancy

As mentioned before, at 28 weeks of pregnancy you have just entered the 7th gestational month and with that the symptoms of the end of pregnancy are becoming more and more evident. Remember that it is not a rule and not having one or more symptoms on this list does not indicate a problem with your pregnancy, quite the opposite.

But if by chance you feel great discomfort such as: intense cramps, bleeding, abdominal pain, among others, be sure to consult your doctor to check the health of your pregnancy.

See what are the main symptoms of the 28 gestational weeks:

colostrum leak

Colostrum is known as a form of low-volume milk secreted in the first few days of postpartum breastfeeding. However, in some women, leakage is common during the 28 weeks and this fact is completely normal, so there is no need to worry.

difficulty falling asleep

At this time in your pregnancy, you are likely to miss the nights of uninterrupted sleep. This is because, with the weight of the belly, it becomes increasingly difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep for a long period. To prevent this discomfort from interfering with your tasks, try to stay as rested as possible and take breaks for small naps during the day.

increased abdominal pressure

At 28 weeks of pregnancy your belly is already quite large and the pressure that the uterus puts on the other organs is already high too. This may cause you some discomfort and pain, and the best thing is that you talk to your doctor to understand what is the best way to get around this situation.

sluggish gastrointestinal tract

You may also notice the presence of gas, heartburn or even constipation. These episodes are common and to avoid them you should avoid large meals (giving priority to smaller meals during the day), not drinking liquids during meals, eating slowly and chewing well.

Oh, it’s also very important that you avoid taking laxatives to help with constipation, after all, these medications reduce nutrient absorption and can harm your baby’s health. Instead, prioritize raw fruits and vegetables (these foods help with intestinal transit).

Pelvic joint pain

It is common for you to experience pain in the pelvic joint and this will be a result of hormonal changes. If the inconvenience is great, be sure to talk to your doctor to find the best solution for your problem, ok?

Back pains

Back pain has been following you for a few weeks and the result of this is the exaggerated growth of the pregnant woman’s belly. Some activities such as stretching, yoga and pilates can help you get around them, however, don’t forget to ask your doctor for permission, agreed?

frequent urination

Frequent trips to the bathroom are already part of your routine and what we can tell you is that this symptom will accompany you until the end of your pregnancy. To avoid being too uncomfortable, avoid frequenting places that make it impossible for you to go to the bathroom for a long period and do not drink large amounts of liquids before going to bed so that this is not the reason for insomnia or having to get up several times during the night.

Changes in pregnant women at 28 weeks of pregnancy

The main physical changes in pregnant women are linked to the size of the bulge in the pregnant belly, which, in turn, are of great concern to most mothers. Our tip is that you enjoy your pregnancy a lot without worrying too much about aesthetics, but of course: always doing your part to avoid excessive weight gain that could put your health at risk.

These are actions that contribute to a healthy pregnancy and weight control during pregnancy: eating correctly and in small meals, reducing the consumption of sugars and carbohydrates and, if possible, following an eating plan prescribed by a nutritionist.

Development of the fetus at 28 weeks of pregnancy

At 28 weeks of pregnancy, the baby has a less transparent and pale skin and this is explained by the fact that the layer of fat below the skin is forming more quickly. In addition, your brain cells are multiplying and your baby begins to react to pain, touch, sound, and light, causing him to move even more.

It is also during this period that the fetus starts to drink the amniotic fluid, causing the feces to accumulate in the intestine and starting the construction of meconium .

Another good news is that the baby can already recognize voices and react to loud noises, being an excellent opportunity to interact more with your little one!

What is the size of the fetus at 28 weeks pregnant?

In the 28th gestational week, the baby measures approximately 37.6 centimeters, equivalent to the size of an eggplant, and its estimated weight is 1,005 kilos.

Exercises that help make your baby fit during 28 weeks’ gestation

We say that during this period it is common for the baby to be still sitting and encouraging it to fit during the 28 gestational weeks is an excellent option to reduce the risk of congenital hip dysplasia and to enable the delivery to be normal. For this, we have separated 3 exercises that every pregnant woman can do. See what they are:

  • Exercise 1: With a mattress or pillow on the floor, get into the four-handle position and then lower your head while lifting your buttocks, making sure that only your head and arms are flat on the floor. Ideally, you should stay in this position for 10 minutes and repeat the exercise 3 or 4 times a day.
  • Exercise 2: Place a pillow on the floor near the sofa or bed and, with your knees bent over the sofa or bed, lean your body forward so that your hands reach the floor. Then rest your head on your arms and keep your knees firmly on the edge of the bed/sofa.
  • Exercise 3: Lie on the floor with your legs bent, then raise your hips as high as you can. If you need to, place a support pillow under your back to help your hips lift. Ideally, you should stay in this position for approximately 5 to 10 minutes and repeat it 3 times a day.

Pregnant woman’s duties during the 28 weeks of pregnancy

Your pregnancy is coming to an end and anxiety is certainly taking over. But be careful! It is important that you stay focused and take action to ensure that your health and your baby’s health are not harmed. Here are some to-do suggestions for this week:

  • Avoid exerting yourself and get as much rest as possible: since the discomforts of late pregnancy are getting worse, staying as rested as possible will make it easier for you to not suffer as much. So, reserve moments of rest and relaxation during your day and enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest!
  • Eat healthily: we know it’s normal for mom to feel cravings and it’s okay for you to eat a few little things you want. But don’t forget that healthy eating is essential for a safe pregnancy. So don’t abandon your eating plan and prioritize smaller and spaced meals, okay?
  • Talk a lot with your baby: if you want to make a good connection with your baby, this is a great time to do it! Talk a lot, put on music and call him by name, that makes all the difference;
  • Perform routine tests: during this stage of pregnancy, it is common for the obstetrician to ask for blood tests to check how well your health is going. Carrying them out is of utmost importance to ensure that everything will be fine with you and your baby.

Well, we hope you have managed to understand what are the main symptoms and events of 28 weeks of pregnancy. If you have any questions regarding this matter, just comment here and we will clarify.

In addition, we await you on our blog to stay up to date on what happens in the next gestational weeks. See you around here!

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