Dr. Tabriella Perivolaris, MD

Dr. Tabriella Perivolaris

For four years, I have been the Mother and founder of PregDream.com. I can understand the challenges young families face in the USA because I dedicate my work and personal experiences to this portal. As editor-in-chief, I am responsible for finding topics, editorial processes, structuring, and content quality assurance.

I am not only an educational scientist, systemic coach, and trauma pedagogue. I also bring many years of experience working with children and adolescents but also with parents and relatives. My passion is educational counseling and systemic coaching. I took part in various academic training courses at regular intervals.

As a cultural anthropologist, I am passionate about childhood and family research. My two little daughters are my favorite (and most challenging) “objects of study.” When I am not doing field research in the children’s room of my little gang of rascals, I exhaust myself by playing handball.

As the mother of a lively toddler, I love to write passionately about all the questions I encounter in my sometimes chaotic, sometimes harmonious, and always exciting everyday family life. When I am not working on an item, I probably think about other passions: cake and roller skates.
I am a trained midwife and postnatal coach with almost 20 years of experience. In addition to my midwifery practice near Washington, I also offer online birth preparation and postnatal training courses.