Afternoon Snack for 1 Year Old: Tips and Recipes

Feeding introduction takes some time to get established, which varies a lot from baby to baby. Some eat a lot right away, others take months to learn to eat and snacks, between main meals, are the most time-consuming to get right .

At this stage, the recommendation of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics is to prioritize the offer of fruit during snack times. Many people think that fruit alone may not be enough to satisfy a child’s hunger. However, at this age, they can compose all snacks. 

Even at this age, the baby is expected to be breastfed or to take formula on demand . Contrary to what is said out there, this does not affect the diet, on the contrary, milk is considered the main food for up to 1 year. So don’t make the mistake of trying to reduce or eliminate milk in an attempt to get the baby to eat more.

Therefore, today we have prepared tips on great options for healthy snacks for 1 year old babies . Between fruits and easy recipes, an e-book that will help a lot to vary in snacks .

Give preference to fruits

Before telling your child that you don’t like fruit, offer a good variety of them . It may be that he still doesn’t like the options you’ve offered. Vary the textures and flavors , and also cut in different ways. How you offer can make a difference.

Some examples of great fruits for 1 year olds: banana, orange, papaya, melon, pear, kiwi, strawberry, watermelon, etc. That is, all fruits are released.

Banana pancake with oatmeal

We’ve already talked in other posts here about the success of the banana pancake with oatmeal. In addition to the banana, which is a fruit rich in vitamins and minerals , oats complement this snack as a super nutritious cereal that it is.


  • 1 banana caturra;
  • 1 this;
  • 1 spoon of oat bran;
  • 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon.

Preparation method:

In a container, mash the banana and add it with the other ingredients, mixing well.
Place in a skillet over medium heat and turn until golden on both sides.


If you don’t have the cooking skills needed to bake bread at home, opt for homemade bread from the bakery you trust . Bread is a food that provides the necessary energy for babies, so active at this age.

There are still options such as carrot bread, beet bread, corn bread , among others that, in addition to their energy value, will serve as an even greater source of nutrients.

Natural yoghurt with chia

From 1 year onwards, it is already possible to include cow’s milk and its derivatives in the diet of the little ones without any greater risk of allergy. Yogurts containing sugar should only be offered after 2 years of age , when sweets are released (in moderation). 

So, in that case, plain yogurt can be a great option. You can spice it up with some fruit (strawberries, for example) and with chia, which is delicious.

Scrambled egg

Egg is a great food that can be offered from the age of 6 months , according to the SBP guide. In addition to being a food very well accepted by babies, the egg gives a good feeling of satiety and is a great snack.

You can even make a richer plate by including some fruit your baby likes to eat with. Also, here’s a tip: I always use the egg here to include some leaves , which are more difficult to eat pure, such as kale, parsley and chives . The meal is very rich!

More snack options (E-book)

There are also a number of muffins, cookies, and healthy snack recipe options that you can make at home. The Color Plate e-book that helps a lot to have different ideas to prepare. I highly recommend it!

The e-book was created by Bárbara Toledo, Food Engineer and Master in Food Science . It costs only R$39.90 and can be paid in 2 installments on the cards or in cash on the bank slip.

Try to avoid industrialized products and sweets , which are a quick path to a low-nutrient diet and collaborate with the selectivity period that lies ahead, around 2 years of age.

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