Amber Necklace for Baby: What is it for, Benefits and care

The use of amber necklace for baby is increasingly common . However, what will its functions and benefits be? If you want to know, check out the main information about this controversial accessory, in addition to the care and recommendations during use and choice.

However, right now, if you like and use natural products to relieve discomfort and maintain health, know that you will love the possible positive effects that Baltic amber can offer. So check it out!

Amber necklace for baby

The amber necklace for baby won the media when some famous like Gisele Bündchen, Bárbara Borges and Rachel Zoe, added the adornment to their looks and those of their children. So, according to some experts and parents, Baltic amber really has benefits, leaving babies calmer and healthier.

In addition, the amber stones in contact with the child’s skin can also ease the discomfort with the birth of the teeth. As well as alleviating fevers and inflammation, which are very common at this stage, making it a simple and non-invasive alternative to calm these moments.

So, keep reading and learn a lot more about the benefits of using the amber necklace for babies .

8 Benefits of Amber Baby Necklace

  1. Stimulates the immune system;
  2. Provides calming effects;
  3. It has a natural analgesic effect;
  4. Relieves pain during teething;
  5. Reduces inflammatory processes;
  6. Decreases the symptoms of colic;
  7. Helps the body recover from colds, flu, fevers; and
  8. It has an antioxidant effect.

However, it is worth remembering that these benefits are not scientifically proven and that is why, for many pediatricians and specialist physicians, the use of amber does not have any positive interference in the body.

But, on the other hand, for many parents and other specialist doctors, this stone can offer benefits, providing relief in various moments of discomfort for the baby. So, if you’re curious, it’s worth a try!

How to use amber necklace?

At first it is important to say that amber can be used by both children and adults. And in both cases, the perceived benefits are similar, helping to reduce pain, irritation and various inflammations.

In adults, there are reports that claim a considerable improvement also during the treatment of rhinitis, in addition to other sore throats and allergies.

Stones are generally used in necklaces, however, they can also be found in bracelets and anklets, as long as they remain in contact with the skin. Since this mineral is rich in succinic acid, which among its properties has immunostimulants, scars and analgesics that stimulate the nervous system, also strengthening the immune system.

However, to achieve these benefits, it is important to verify the veracity of the stones , since in the market it is possible to find fakes and very similar pieces, but made of plastic, glass or other low-cost material that do not present benefits.

So, be careful when choosing and always be wary of products with a price well below the market, as they may not be the real Baltic amber, coming from Europe. However, if you have already purchased or have the amber necklace, there are simple and quick tests that can guarantee whether the material is real or not. See below!

Amber Authenticity Test

To test the authenticity of Baltic amber there are two ways, one with acetone or alcohol. And the other with water and a little salt. Check out the different ways to do it:

Amber authenticity test with alcohol or acetone

  1. Take the Baltic amber necklace and separate one of the beads, preferably in the area of ​​the tips of the necklace or accessory;
  2. Gently drop one to two drops of the chosen substance and wait a few seconds. If the piece becomes sticky, sticky or loses its shine, as well as the color, the piece is most likely not legitimate amber and thus, it will not bring the expected benefits.

In addition to this test, there is also water and salt.

Authenticity test of amber with salt and water

  1. In a glass bowl, add two parts water to one part salt, enough to cover the amber part;
  2. Place the piece and wait a few seconds. If the piece floats it is authentic, but otherwise it is fake.

In addition to these tests, when touching the amber necklace, bracelet or anklet, from the beginning, pay attention to the temperature. If the piece is cold or cold it is not authentic, as amber is slightly warm when at room temperature.

So, before actually using the accessory, do the test to get all the expected results.

Likewise, another important precaution is how to use this adornment in children and small babies, as they can be dangerous in some situations. With that, be careful!

Cautions when using the amber necklace on babies

Most of the opinions regarding the contraindications of using the amber necklace in babies is about the risk that the accessory presents to very young children . Since they are in the neck region and have small parts, they can cause suffocation, suffocation, among other possible accidents.

This is the opinion of the Brazilian Association of Pediatrics, as well as the American Academy of Pediatrics, which also associate the use with other risks such as:

  • Suffocation from swallowing one of the stones if the ornament breaks;
  • Possibility of the accessory sticking in a place that could end up hurting the baby;
  • It can hurt the gums if the baby has a habit of biting the adornment and it breaks;
  • If it breaks and hurts the baby, it can cause an infection or reaction in the area;
  • The amber accessory can also become entangled in the arm during sleep, causing suffocation;
  • Between others.

Thus, it is always worth the need for attention, as well as reflection and care for use.

As the use is indicated for babies who are still small, many favorable opinions indicate that the accessory is used instead of being used on the neck, where there is greater risk. Can also be worn on wrist or ankle.

Another important point to be checked is the quality of the yarn on which the adornment was made. Since if it is too thin, the baby can pull or bite, which can easily break.

Likewise, if you really want to use the necklace, it is recommended to choose the ideal size, preventing the accessory from getting too long, as it can get caught somewhere. As well as, if it is too fair there is the possibility of also causing strangulation. So pay attention!

What age can the amber necklace be used?

Generally, parents start using the amber collar on babies from 6 months, when the first little teeth start to emerge. However, some opinions encourage use in children from 3 months of age, but remember that this is worth a lot of attention and care.

It is recommended that the use of the collar be done while the baby is under parental supervision. With an emphasis on always taking off at bedtime or naps , since there is the possibility of curling up. During sleep, if you want to use the adornment on your child, give preference to putting it on hard to reach places such as the ankle, but provided it is covered and protected by a sock, for example, preventing the child from being able to pull it easily.

During use it is also important to remember that paste is not miraculous and therefore does not replace the use of prescription drugs in the effective cure of existing diseases. But in the long run, some people suggest, it provides relief with constant use, coupled with other methods of prevention and cure.

How to choose the best amber necklace for baby?

As already mentioned, the use of the amber necklace in babies requires a lot of care in use and choice, in order to avoid any accident.

Therefore, there are five important criteria to be evaluated during purchase , in order to guarantee the safety and effectiveness of use. Thus, the precautions to choose the best amber necklace for baby are:

  1. Always prefer baroque-cut necklaces, bracelets or anklets. That means, a very small, rounded stone. Where, according to experts, there is less propensity for suffocation in case of breakage;
  2. For children up to 3 years old, always choose necklace up to 33 cm, and for children over 4 years old with 38 cm. Ideal size for the correct adjustment on the neck, avoiding accidents;
  3. When checking the finish of the necklace, choose those to which the stones or beads have been tied one by one. Since, if the necklace breaks this will prevent the piece from falling apart, which can be a risk for babies and children;
  4. Regardless of the type of adornment, when buying for your baby, remember to prefer resistant and synthetic threads. Since those made with natural material can dissolve over time, especially when in constant contact with water, among other agents; and
  5. Always look for clasps on necklaces, bracelets or anklets of the thread type, as soon as this is the most difficult to open, preventing the baby from taking the accessory easily.

By identifying these items, as well as the veracity in the stones, the benefits of amber will be realized with constant use. Making it an option for relieving discomforts that can occur with babies and children.

So, what did you think of the amber necklace for babies? Leave your comment!

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