Is Baby Walker Recommended? Know All About Using This Controversial Accessory!

The use of a baby walker is controversial and raises many questions, but is it recommended?

If you also have this doubt, this post is for you, after all it is common for moms and dads not to be sure about its use, due to so much distorted information that can appear.

And so, to help you, we will bring you relevant content, with all the benefits and harms that this tool can offer.

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Is Baby Walker Recommended?

Knowing whether the baby walker is recommended is a question that plagues most parents, as the baby walker can contribute a lot to the daily lives of adults, since at this time when the baby is interacting with the accessory, it is possible to do other things. everyday tasks and responsibilities.

The baby walker can also be seen well, as it prevents the baby from spending too much time in the lap or sitting, in one position, while still not crawling or rehearsing the first steps.

As a result, it becomes very functional for parents, but is it also as beneficial for children? And that’s exactly what we’re going to answer you!

For most pediatricians and orthopedists, the traditional walker in the model where the child is fitted with the little legs and which supports the hip is not recommended!

This is because, when the equipment supports the child in a standing position, it may take a little longer to support itself, since this incentive was broken by the use of the baby walker.

And according to expert opinions, it can also delay motor development , preventing the baby from creating learning connections when in contact with the ground and also when starting to want to act independently.

And in addition, for many, the baby walker is seen as dangerous, as it allows falls and accidents on stairs and unevenness, with this, reflect and avoid the use of the traditional baby walker.

However, currently on the market there is another type of walker, the pusher, which is indicated for older children and which can help a lot in the development and first steps, with more safety and functionality.

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Different Types of Baby Walkers

As mentioned before, in the current market you can find two different types of walkers , one being the traditional one when the baby’s legs are fitted in the central part of the utensil, allowing the child to stand up.

And the other model is the push walker, the most famous and currently used, because unlike the aforementioned, it helps and stimulates development, as it helps in locomotion without affecting motor and interaction capacity.

Learn a little more about each one!

Traditional Walker

The traditional baby walker is characterized by having four bars for support on the sides and a central support that serves to fit the child’s legs.

It has wheels and may or may not have footrests, depending on the brand and style chosen.

The lateral supports usually come with interactive toys that are intended to draw the child’s attention and allow the use as an activity center, however, as mentioned before, it is not the most recommendable model of walker .

This type of walker, in addition to hindering the development of walking and locomotion safety, can also be a risk when used in places with stairs and unevenness.

This is because during use, the child has no concept or vision ability to identify these areas of fall and thus increases the risk of accidents in many serious cases, so be very careful.

And in addition, the traditional baby walker can also interfere with the child’s level of security and self-confidence, causing difficulty when wanting to remove or avoid using the utensil as they grow.

This is because the baby may feel uncomfortable with the lack of support, which also delays development and other learning.

So, avoid using the traditional walker and prefer other interaction and learning tools.

push walker

The push walker, on the other hand, can be a good and more viable alternative for parents who want this type of accessory to aid in walking.

However, unlike the previous model, this one can only be used when the child is able to stand alone.

That’s because it doesn’t have any kind of support, except the support for the hands that helps balance and develop rhythm while walking.

They are practical to use and have supports on the front allowing the baby to hold it easily, which is also ideal for the phase when the child can only take the first steps with the help and supports.

It also comes with interactive toys in most brands and they have wheels, facilitating the pushing movement for locomotion.

However, as with the traditional baby walker model, it is necessary to be careful when using it in places that have stairs or unevenness, since at this age, the child does not have a good perception of height. So, pay attention!

But this way, this model is one of the most suitable for those who really seek this aid tool for walking, balance and development.

How old can the baby use the baby walker

The use of a baby walker is generally indicated for children from 8 months of age onwards , but this indication is valid only for traditional models, which are not so well recommended by specialists.

Push walkers are indicated for babies from 9 months of age onwards, but their use becomes frequent after at least 11 or 12 months, a period in which some children are already able to stand upright with support.

This age group can change according to the individual development of each one, but if your son or daughter is already showing interest in standing up and taking the first few steps, this may be a good time to purchase the baby walker.

However, be careful when choosing to actually buy the one that will offer benefits and avoid models that can cause further problems.

How to Choose the Ideal Baby Walker?

Now that you’ve read a lot of information about whether the use of the baby walker is recommended or not, it’s possible to know your final decision about the product.

And if you chose to use it, we will give you some tips on how to choose the ideal and features to be analyzed, ensuring safe use and functionality for you and your baby. Check out!

Identify Locks and Security Devices

The walkers, even the push models have wheels that facilitate driving for the first few steps, however, in order to have functionality with safety also when playing, it is recommended to look for models with locks.

The locks are usually on the rear wheels and when activated, they prevent the utensil from moving, which is ideal for some moments of interaction between the child and the toys and accessories of the walker or the external environment.

And, in addition to the locks, another point that ensures more safety and stability are the textures of the wheels that can contribute to better grip and speed control, preventing accidents.

So, when choosing the ideal walker for your son or daughter, pay attention to the training wheels .

If you identify horizontal designs and grooves, know that it is a reliable model that guarantees good durability during use and less possibility of high speed and slippage, which can also be very common in traditional walker models.

And to make using it safer and more comfortable, also pay attention to the support bar of the walker and whether it is fixed.

That’s because there are some walkers that contain a movable or removable grab bar, which can be difficult to use and balance when not properly fitted.

Thus, when choosing the best baby walker , also check the existence of a fixed and comfortable bar for the baby to hold while driving.

By paying attention to these details, it will be easier to make a suitable choice with benefits for the whole family.

Toys and Sounds Encourage Walker Use

And another point that guarantees better use and acceptance by children are the toys that come with most baby walker models.

This is because most walkers, including pushers, have activities that help motor development through colors, sounds, lights and textures that instigate the child’s curiosity.

Therefore, when looking for the best model of walker, also pay attention to these additional functions, such as toys and activities.

And these props, in addition to winning over the child, are perfect for those looking for an investment with lasting use, because even after learning to walk, the baby can continue using the tool for other activities, so pay attention to toys and possibilities for activities.

However, in order not to have high expenses with the extra functions, also remember to analyze the way it works, knowing if it will be necessary to use batteries.

And this is an important point to reflect on, because sometimes we buy toys and utensils for babies with the intention of using them for a long time, but it is not always possible, due to the large amount of batteries needed, making their use unfeasible.

That said, for better interaction and acceptance of the baby, choose baby walkers with toys, sounds and lights, but be sure to pay attention to the consumption and need to replace energy sources.

Which Baby Walker is Most Recommended?

And now that you’ve read about which baby walker is recommended and tips for choosing the best one, we’ll bring you which in our suggestion is the most suitable model.

And in our opinion, when choosing baby walkers, always look for push models.

They are safer and more practical to use, as they do not need help from another person or an adult for accommodation, allowing more possibilities for interaction, choice and learning for babies.

They are also stable and directly contribute to balance and mobility in the first few steps, leaving the child safe and comfortable to use.

But, remember that push baby walkers are only recommended for children who are already able to balance on their own .

If your baby is still small, under 9 months and still cannot balance, look for other toy alternatives, such as a table with an activity center and postpone using the baby walker until you are more balanced.

By following these recommendations, your choice and use will be ideal, with a guarantee of countless benefits for everyone.

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