Girl Names: 150 Suggestions for Your Daughter!

During pregnancy or even before it, it is common to have some favorite names that we plan to give our daughter when she is born. However, it is also worth knowing some suggestions, as well as their meanings, to make sure this is the right name for her. So, get to know some girl name options .

After all, there are several of them, from the oldest and most traditional to the modern ones that follow trends. Meeting different tastes and possibilities of parents.

So, read on and get to know 150 girl names for your baby !

girl names

Names represent a very important choice, after all, they will accompany the person at all times of life. Contributing to the formation and development of your personality and experience with the world around you.

That’s why the name is so valued in all cultures around the world and for many people, it also has the power to influence. What encourages always opting for names that suggest positive and pleasant things .

Therefore, when searching for girl names, remember to take this into account as well as their meanings so that it is ideal for your baby.

So, read on and see 150 girl names in order to find the perfect one for your daughter. Check out!

Girl names with the letter A

AGATEIt originates from the Greek  Agathe , derived from the word  agathós , which means “good”. And so, its meaning is “good” and “kind” .
AISHAThis name comes from the Arabic  ‘Aisha . And its meaning is “alive” or “that which is alive” .
AGNESIt comes from the Latin Agnes , which comes from the Greek  hagnes . The meaning is “pure, chaste” . Or, still, “docile as a lamb” .
ANAIt is a biblical name and comes from the Hebrew  Hannah and later from the Latin  Anna , which means “graceful” or “full of grace” .
ANITAthe same as Ana
ALANAThere are controversies about the origin of this name, however, its meanings are “harmonious” , “beautiful” and “beautiful” .
ALICEIt has a Germanic origin and the meaning is “of noble quality” or “of noble lineage” .
ANAHÍThis name has an indigenous origin in Tupi-Guarani and means “the one with the sweet voice” .
AYLAThis name has two possibilities of origin, one being Turkish and the other Hebrew. And the main meanings are “moon light” or “moonlight” and “oak” ,  “turpentine” .

Girl names with the letter B

BARBARIANIt is a name of Greek origin and means “foreigner” or “foreigner” .
BEATRIZIt means “the one who brings happiness” or “traveler” .
LOVELYIt is a diminutive of Isabela and means “caste ”, “ pure” , “God is an oath” , “consecrated to God ”, “beautiful ” and “beautiful” .
BIANCAThis name is an Italian version of Branca, which literally means “white, white, candid” .
BRUNAOf Germanic origin, it means “brunette” .

Girl names with the letter C

CARLAIt means “woman”, “woman of the people”, “strong woman”, “warrior woman”, “free woman” or “farmer” .
CARINAThis name comes from the Latin  carinus , a diminutive of the word  carus , which means “dear” or “beloved” .
CAROLINASimulating the name CARLA, it means “woman of the people” or “strong woman” .
CAMILAIt is a name that can have origins in both Latin and Greek and the meanings are “daughter of the firstborn” , “daughter of the Sun” , “messenger” or “choir girl” .
CECILYIt comes from the Latin word  caecus , which means “blind” ,   “wise” or “the guardian of musicians” .
CELINAIt has several interpretations of its origin and means “blind” , “from heaven” , “September” , “little warrior” , “little martial” .
CYBELIt means “the creating spirit of heat and life ”, “ the generating spirit of heat and life ” or “the great mother of the gods ”.
CHLOÉThis is a name from the Greek and means “green grass” or “new foliage” .

Girl names with the letter D

DAFNEIt has a Greek origin  daphne ​, which literally means “laurel” or “laurel” .
DandarIt means “warrior princess” or “black princess” .
DANIELAIt is the female version of the name Daniel, which originated from the Hebrew. This name is formed by the joining of the elements  dan,  which literally means “judge”, and  El , which means “God”. Thus, it means “God is my judge” or “It is the Lord who judges me”.
DARAThis name has some different meanings: “oak” , “star” , “rich ”,  “supporter” and “that supports” .
DEBORAHThis name is of biblical origin and comes from the Hebrew  Debhorah , which means “bee”, “to hum or hum” or “word”.
DENISEIt means “follower of Dionysus” or “creator of waters ”.
DINAThis is a biblical name that comes from the Hebrew Dinah and  means  “judgment” or “judgment” .
DORAThis is a name of Greek origin, meaning “gift” , “gift” or “gift” .

Girl names with the letter E

ELAINEAccording to scholars, this name comes from Helena and its meaning is “the shining one” or “the resplendent one” .
ELLENthe same as Eliane
ELIANEIt comes from the Hebrew  El  Elion , which means “from the nature of the Most High” .
ELISThis name comes from the Hebrew and means “God is salvation” or “the Lord is my God” .
ELIZAThe origin of the name Eliza is Hebrew and comes from the name  Elishebba , which means “God is an oath” .
ELOAHThis name comes from the Hebrew and means “God” .
ESTHERname of biblical origin and comes from the Hebrew. Its meaning is “star” .
ERICAThis name comes from the Germanic term  Erarich , which means “eagle”, “noble” , “ruler” and means “one who reigns like an eagle” .

Girl names with the letter F

FABIANAThis name comes from the Latin  Fabius , from the word  faba  which means “bean” or “bean”, so it can be interpreted as “one that grows like beans” .
FABÍOLAFrom the same origin as FABIANA, it means “small bean” , “beans” or even “small bean planter” .
HAPPINESSIt means “happy” , “lucky” , “lucky” and “successful” .
FERNANDAThis name originated through the Germanic  Fredenando , derived from  Fridunanth and its meaning is “bold to achieve peace”.
FLORA It comes from the Latin and means “florida” or “full of flowers” .
FRIDAThis is a name of Germanic origin and literally means “peace” or “the peaceful one” and “one who brings peace” .

Girl names with the letter G

GABRIELAIt is a variant of the name Gabriel of Hebrew origin and means “woman of God” , “strong woman of God” or “stronghold of God” .
GAIAThis is a Greek name and means “Earth” .
GEOVANIt means “God is full of grace ”, “graceful of God ” or “the grace and mercy of God” , “gift of God” or “God forgives” . And the same goes for the variations of the name: GIOVANA and GEOVANNA.
GISELEThis name dignifies “the one who wields the spear with dexterity” or “hostage” .
GLORYIt is a religious name of Christian origin and means “glory” and “honor” .
GREICEIt is a variant of the name GRAÇA OR GRAICE and means “grace” , “divine gift” , “spiritual help” , “divine benevolence”.

Girl names with the letter H

HADASSAIt is a name of Hebrew origin and means “myrtle” , “myrtle “, “protected” , “she who protects” , “ruler” or “woman who has influence” .
HANNAHIt is of biblical origin and comes from the Hebrew, its meaning is “favor” , “grace” or “gracious woman” .
HELENAOpinions indicate that it is a name of Greek origin and means “the shining one” or “the resplendent one” .
HELOISAThis name has Germanic origin and means “healthy” , “healthy broad” and in some countries “glorious fighter” , “famous warrior” and “famous in war” .

Girl names with the letter I

IASMIN It means “jasmine” or “flower of intense fragrance” . The same meaning holds for YASMIN.
IANAIt means “beautiful flower” , “beautiful flower” , “graceful” , “full of grace” .
IRISIt is a name of Greek origin and dignifies “messenger” , “the one who carries messages by the word” or “rainbow” .
ISABELEIt originates from the Hebrew and means “caste” or “pure” . The same goes for the variations of IZABEL, ISABELA and ISABELLE.
ISISThis name means “to advance” , “I was born of myself, I don’t come from anyone” , “lady of the throne” , “goddess of fertility and maternal love”.
IVYIt means “hera “.

Girl names with the letter J

JADEIt is the name of a green colored gemstone and the name means “flank” , “side” or “gemstone” .
JAQUELINEThis name can be interpreted as the feminine of Jacob and means “that which comes from the heel” .
JANAINAThis name has African origin and means “protector of the home” , “goddess of the sea” , “queen of the sea” and “mother of fish” .
JENNIFERThis name is a variant of the Welsh name  Gwenhwyfar , which originated  Guinevere . And its meaning is “white and smooth” ,  “white spirit” or “white wave” .
JESSICAIt is a name of biblical origin and comes from the Hebrew Yiskah ​, which means “she observes, she sees” .
JULIAIt is a variation of JÚLIO and means “cute” , “soft” and “young” .
JULIANASimilar to JÚLIA, it means “young” , “the one with black hair” , “the one with the dark coat” or “the daughter of Jupiter”.

Girl names with the letter K

KAILAIt is a name that comes from Yiddish , the language of the Jews of Europe and means “joyful” , “pure” or “the one who likes to live” .
KAUANYThis is a name in Tupi-Guarani and means “hawk” or “falcon” .
KENIAThis name is a reference to the country Kenya and means “Mount of Whiteness” .
KIMIt is a name of Korean origin and is translated as “gold” or “golden” .
KYARAIt means “clear”, “bright”, “illustrious”

Girl names with the letter L

LAÍSIt comes from the Hebrew  Laith  or  Laish and means “place with lions” or “the democratic one” , “the popular one” and even “woman who has popularity”.
LARAThis is a name of Greek origin and means “mute” , “speaker” , “of the acropolis” or “laurel” and “victorious” .
LETÍCIAIt is a name that comes from Latin and means “happy woman ” and “woman who transmits happiness” .
LIVIAIt means “pale”, “livid” or “clear” .
LIZIt means “my God is an oath” or “my God is plenty” .

Girl names with the letter M

MAIZEIt means “pearl” .
MAITEThis is a name of Basque origin and means “lovable” , “beloved” or even “lady of the summer” or “sovereign who reaps what she cultivates”.
MANUELAThis is the female form of Manuel, a variant of Immanuel and has a Hebrew origin. It means “God is with us” or “God with us” .
MARIAIt comes from the Hebrew Miriam and means “seer” or “the pure one” .
MARIANAIt means “sovereign lady full of grace” and “pure and gracious woman” .
MARINAIt means “that which comes from the sea” , “marine” .
MELIt comes from the Latin and means “honey” , “docile” and “soft” .
MELISSAThis name comes from Latin and literally means “bee” .
MICHELEIt is equivalent to Micaela and means “Who is like God?”

Girl names with the letter N

NAIARAIt means “place among the rocks” or “city located in the middle of the rocks” .
NALAThis name has African origins and has some suggested meanings, including “water in the desert” , “queen” or “lioness” .
NAOMIIts origin is in Hebrew  and means “pleasantness” , “amenity” or “delight” .
NATHALIAIt is a Christian name and means “birth” or “born on Christmas Day” .
NICOLEThis name is the female version of NICOLAU and means “the one who wins with the people” or “the one who leads the people to victory”.
NINAIt means “girl” , “graceful” and “protector of fertility and seas” .
NUBIAThis name has its origins in Latin and means “gold” , “golden” or even, “perfect as gold” .

Girl names with the letter O

OHANAThis name comes from the indigenous language of the islands of Hawaii and means “ family ”.
OLGAIt has Russian origin and its meaning is “holy” , “sublime” and “consecrated to God” .
OLIVIAThis name generates some controversy about its meaning, however, it is usually associated with “olive” or “peaceful” .

Girl names with the letter P

PATRICIAIt comes from Latin and means “noble” , “noble class” , “of the same country” or “compatriot” .
PAULAIt means “small” , “short” or “delicate” . This meaning also applies to PAOLA.
PALOMAIt has Spanish origin and literally means “dove” .
PEARLThis name comes from Latin and means “feminine” , “virgin” , “pure” , “lunar” , “beautiful as the moon” , “bright as the moon” , “strong” and “constant” .
POLLYANNAIt means “sovereign lady full of grace” or “one who is pure and gracious” .

Girl names with the letter Q

QUERENThis name comes from the Hebrew word and means “brightness” or “splendour” .
QUÉSIAIt is a biblical name of Hebrew origin and means “perfume”, “fragrance” or “the cassia tree”
QUIETThis name has a Hebrew origin and means “congregation” or “assembly” .

Girl names with the letter R

RAFAELAIt is a variation of RAFAEL and means “God healed” or “healed by God” .
RAQUELThis name is of biblical origin and comes from the Hebrew. It means “sheep” , “meek woman” or “the peaceful one” .
RAYKAThis name has a Greek origin and means “goddess of the wind” .
REBECAIt has Hebrew origin with a quote in the Bible and means “union” , “bond” , “that which unites” or “woman with a beauty that captivates men” .
REGINAIt means “queen” , “absolute lady” or “the greatest” and comes from the Latin.
ROUTEIt means “friend” or “companion” . The same goes for the RUTH variation.

Girl names with the letter S

SABRINAThis name has an Anglo-Saxon origin and means “princess” .
SAMIRAName of Arabic origin and means “vigorous” , “full of life” or “animated” .
SARAHIt is a name of biblical origin and comes from the Hebrew. Its meaning is “daughter of the king” , “princess” , “lady” or “maiden” .
SOFIAIt comes from the Greek and means “ wisdom” and “divine wisdom” .
SOLIt literally means “Sun” , “majestic” or “that receives the sun” .
STELLAIt means “star” .
SOUNDIt has origins in the English language and means “bright flower” or “shining lily” .

Girl names with the letter T

TAINAThis name comes from the Tupi-Guarani language and means “celestial stars” , “star” or “morning star” .
TAISIt comes from the Greek and means “beheld with admiration” or “one who must be beheld” . the same goes for THAIS.
talitaThis name means “girl” , “girl” or “child who is reborn” . And it is also true for THALITA.
TAMIRESIt means “rich in dates” , “one that has palm trees” or “high” .
TELMAIt means “lovable” , “loving” , or even “decided protector” and “courageous protector” .
THERESAIt comes from the Greek and means “natural of Earth” and “inhabitant of Earth” .
TIFFANYIt means “ revelation of God ” and “manifestation of God” .

Girl names with the letter U

URSULAMeans “little bear” and “little bear “.
THIGHSThe meaning of this name is “that is prosperous” .

Girl names with the letter V

VALENTINAIt comes from the Latin and means “brave” , “strong” , “vigorous” and “full of health” . The same meaning applies to VALERIE.
VANESSAIt means “like a butterfly” .
VERAIt means “true” , “sincere” , “frank” or “one who has faith” .
VERONICAIt means “victory bearer” or “true image” .
VERENAThe same meaning as VERONICA.
VIVIANEIt means “full of life” , “live” , ” vivid  or “beautiful lady” . The same meaning applies to VIVIAN.

Girl names with the letter W

WANDAIt means “pilgrim” or “walker ”. The same meaning holds for VANDA.
WENDYIt means “righteous woman” or also, “blessed girl” .
WILÁThis name means “the one that is born during the night” .
WINNIEIt means “lover or friend of peace” and “blessed reconciliation” .

Girl names with the letter X

XAYENEThis name means “red speakers” .
SENIAIt means “hospitalist” .

Girl names with the letter Y

WOUNDIt is a name of indigenous origin in Tupi-Guarani, which means “lady of the water” , “owner of the water” , “dominator” , or “mother of water” .
TOMORROWThis is a name of Hebrew origin that means “one who understands and hears”.
AMPUTATEIt means “God is full of grace” , “graceful of God” or “the grace and mercy of God” and even, “God forgives”.
YOHANNAThe same meaning as YANKA.
YONAIt means “dove” or “the herald of peace” .

Girl names with the letter Z

ZAHARAThis name comes from the Hebrew and means “she radiates light” , “a woman who shines” or “she has a glowing skin” .
ZARAIt is a name of Hebrew origin and means “flower that blooms” .
VEINIt means “ the one who gives shade” , “the one who protects” or “the protector” .
ZÍPORAIt’s a name of Hebrew origin and it counts in the bible. It means “bird” , “intelligent woman” or “free woman” .
ZOEThis name has a Greek origin and means “life” or “living” .

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