How to give rice and beans to the baby?

The most traditional food in Brazil is also one of the most complete combinations as it combines the protein and iron contained in beans with the carbohydrate of rice. Pediatricians and Nutritionists are unanimous in saying that this is a great meal for babies and children .

The biggest question is how to offer the dish to small babies, in the food introduction phase. Because depending on the method used in the food introduction, rice and beans can be offered in different ways .

So read the article to the end to find out how and when to safely offer rice and beans to your baby .

How many months can the baby eat rice and beans?

The baby starts eating at 6 months , but only develops the pinching movement (index + thumb) around 9 months . It is with the acquisition of this skill that comes the ability to chew small foods such as beans. So, before that, care must be taken to offer the beans safely.

If the baby eats baby food and mashed foods , rice and beans can be offered this way from 6 months. In methods where the baby eats alone (such as BLW, BLISS, etc) it is recommended to wait until 9 months or adapt the format to avoid choking.

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Rice and beans at BLW

For mothers who opt for BLW, it is possible to offer it in the format of a cake made with crushed beans. Likewise, rice can be offered in blocks – let it dry well and cool in the pan.

However, it is important to note that BLW is more about a respectful food introduction than simply eating with your hands. Even if you have opted for BLW, there is no harm in mashing the beans and offering them on the spoon, as long as the baby has the autonomy to choose to eat or not.

In short…

Introduction of Rice and Beans for the Baby

  • Between 6 and 9 months: Mash the beans and mix with the rice to spoon;
  • From 9 months (with tweezers): Offer the beans without kneading;
  • In BLW: You can make a dumpling with the beans and let the rice dry well to form blocks and offer them in pieces.
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