How to Get Baby to Sleep All Night: 9 Tips for Peaceful Sleep!

During the baby’s first months, nights are often difficult and sleepless, especially for parents who need to adapt to the new routine. Therefore, learn tips on how to make the baby sleep through the night, among other information related to sleep at different stages of growth, so as to have more quality of life and well-being during the day. Check out!

How to make the baby sleep through the night

The arrival of the baby changes everything in the lives of parents and family, and this includes sleep, which, especially for those responsible, becomes intermittent and extremely tiring. Generally, this occurs in the first months of the child’s life, where it gradually improves until the age of 3 years. This age, at which most pediatricians indicate a considerable improvement in sleeping through the night.

But, according to specialist doctors, this is normal, as the children’s sleep cycle is different and needs to be adjusted over time. In cases of newborns, for example, sleep is shorter when compared to an adult.

This can be noticed during REM sleep, which means Rapid Eye Movement : “ Rapid Eye Movement ”, period in which the most vivid dreams occur. During this phase, an adult can have 90 minutes of rest, while that of newborns has only 50 minutes, causing the baby to wake up more often during the night.

From 6 months onwards, the duration of children’s sleep gradually increases. However, it is not until the age of 2 or 3 years that most children have a regular, prolonged and uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Therefore, it is possible to affirm that a baby’s need for sleeping hours is high and quite different from adults. Look!

Average hours of sleep for children:

Age:Time de sono:
0 to 3 months16 to 20 hours
4 months to 12 months12 to 16 hours
1 year to 2 years11 to 14 hours
3 to 5 years10 to 13 hours
6 to 12 years9 to 12 hours
13 to 18 years old8 to 10 hours

The amount a baby sleeps can vary due to some factors, such as disturbances and discomforts, which we will discuss later. However, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there is a recommended amount of sleep during the entire infant stage, as shown in the table above.

This number of hours of rest, according to doctors, is extremely important for healthy growth and both physical and intellectual development. Thus, ensuring better learning and performance on a daily basis throughout the child’s growth.

Furthermore, it is also worth remembering that these amounts of sleep hours specified in the table refer to the child’s day and night, including afternoon and morning naps and naps. Which, as we will also discuss later, are fundamental for the night’s rest to be better and prolonged.

Now, check out the top 9 tips that will help your baby sleep better and who knows, all night long. Look!

9 Tips to make your baby sleep through the night

  • Create a sleep routine with the child;
  • Close to bedtime, avoid light bulbs, TV and cell phone;
  • Feed the baby around bedtime;
  • Change the diaper so that at night it is as dry as possible;
  • Make your sleeping environment calm and relaxed;
  • Afternoon naps are critical;
  • Differentiate day from night;
  • Perform activities and games with the baby during the day; and
  • At bedtime, offer a teddy bear or a little baby.

These nine tips are not miraculous, but they can help considerably the little ones and daddies who are struggling to implement this habit . And now, if you want to know more, check out a quick explanation of each of them, thus facilitating the new routine and continuity of these very complicated phases related to sleep, which in turn affect the whole family.

Create a sleep routine with the child

It’s important to remember that newborns don’t know anything about the world they’ve just arrived at. And that also includes sleep, as however tired there may be, they still aren’t sure how to get to sleep. Thus, sometimes parents tend to rock, lull or perform another repetitive method that induces sleep.

But, in addition to lullabies, it is very important to create a routine for the baby , making him start to relax little by little and also understand that it is close to bedtime.

With this, from the first days of life, as soon as it starts to get dark, start to dim the lights in the house and also prepare a relaxing bath so that the baby is calmer and calmer. During this time, if the baby does not have contraindications, it is possible to use soaps and shampoos for bathing with calming ingredients and fragrances, such as chamomile and lavender.

In addition, right after the bath it is also worth doing massages with oils suitable for your age and skin type . Using gentle movements, such as the shantala technique. A method of massage for babies very well suited to oriental and western medicine.

After the massage, so that the baby feels better and more prepared to sleep, remember also to put on light clothes and comfortable fabrics , avoiding itching, intense heat or cold during the night. Since this can also be a factor that interferes with the quality of sleep.

Close to bedtime, avoid light bulbs, TV and cell phone

In addition to these care baths and relaxing moments, it is also important that the baby begins to understand that it is time to rest and this includes reducing activities that wake up the brain. Therefore, TV lights, cell phones and even light bulbs should be avoided , making the child’s body understand the slowdown.

By following these precautions from the first days of life, it is possible that sleeping difficulties are lessened throughout the different phases. And before that, even if you like to let your son or daughter watch children’s cartoons and clips, before bed, prefer low lights and few stimuli.

Feed the baby around bedtime

Regardless of the type of feeding, whether by formula or breast milk , most babies often wake up a few times during the night because they are hungry. Thus, to have a longer period of sleep, feed the baby before bed , with an interval between bedtime only for the correct letdown of the milk, thus avoiding bad digestion and reflux.

Also, to get a sense of how long your baby will sleep through the night, use daytime feeding intervals as a basis. Since, if the baby feeds every 3 hours, the nighttime sleep period will probably have the same average.

However, be calm and remember that this phase will pass as growth, development and introduction of food. And so, this sleep duration will change, making the nights longer and more restful as well.

Change the diaper before bed so that the baby is as dry as possible

Another thing that bothers most babies is a wet diaper at night and for long periods. Which in turn can cause a feeling of cold and malaise. So, when you notice the arrival of sleep, change the diaper and, if possible, put on a good quality one , ensuring more comfort both in absorption and on the sides and elastics.

Therefore, remember to prioritize disposable diapers that have a good recommendation and performance during use with your baby, as this also promotes economy, avoiding unnecessary changes at dawn, leaking clothes, among other discomforts.

Leave the sleeping environment calm and relaxed

Just as it was recommended to avoid lights and stimulating activities before bed, it is also important to keep the environment quiet, calm and relaxed. For this, keep a low light, avoid warm conversations, as well as loud sounds and fast paces .

At this time, also try to leave the temperature in the house mild and balanced, preventing the baby from waking up from cold or heat.

In some cases, the excess of information and colors in the decoration of the house or in the child’s room can also influence the quality and duration of sleep. As well as toys, objects and other utensils that arouse attention.

With this, if your baby is having difficulty sleeping all night in a certain environment, try to make the decoration more minimalist. Since this will allow him to calm down more easily.

In addition, for some children calm sounds and lullabies can also provide a feeling of tranquility, which ultimately stimulates sleep. With that, make a few attempts to identify which one best fits with your family and always try to keep the place light, calm and peaceful.

Afternoon naps are essential

Some people think that letting the baby sleep during the day can interfere with sleep at night, however, this is not true. According to pediatricians and specialist doctors, when a child sleeps during the day for a maximum of 2 consecutive hours, he has a deeper sleep that is conducive to rest at night .

When children up to 3 years old or babies do not sleep during the day, sleep will probably be more restless at night, causing them to wake up more often in the morning. So, if possible, create a time for napping in the morning as well as in the afternoon, but that doesn’t exceed two uninterrupted hours.

differentiate day from night

Another tip that usually has benefits in how to make babies sleep through the night is during naps and times to sleep, always differentiate day from night in the environment.

With that, in the daily naps, always let the light enter through the window or some kind of luminosity . As well as, at night, where the most suitable is to prioritize dark places or with as little light as possible , allowing the child to learn to differentiate the times from an early age.

By making this differentiation from the first few months, sleep periods will be better established, avoiding changing bedtimes. What can happen in several cases.

Perform games and activities with the baby during the day

For babies and children to have a better quality of sleep at night, it is important that during the day they have activities and games that stimulate and provoke fatigue. So, from an early age, look for stimuli such as toys and objects to draw attention during the day. However, remember that newborns should take it easy.

Thus, create a routine of activities and always intersperse with moments of rest.

Outdoor activities also contribute to nighttime sleep as well as sunbathing. Therefore, whenever possible, take walks with the child, allowing interaction and games at all stages of child development.

At bedtime offer a teddy bear

For some children, holding or even having a stuffed animal or little girl around is a great trigger to fall asleep . That’s because, these objects can convey a feeling of comfort, protection and warmth to the child, also stimulating the association with the time to sleep.

With that, if you want to offer your son or daughter a stuffed animal or keep it close to bedtime for him or her to hold. However, be careful when choosing to avoid allergic materials or formats that cause discomfort or even suffocation at night.

The naninha or stuffed animal is also a great way to encourage your child to start sleeping alone in the crib or bed.

And in addition to these tips, if your baby still has a lot of difficulty in sleeping for more than one consecutive hour, it is worth looking for a pediatrician to identify if there is any disorder or factor that interferes with rest.

Factors that can interfere so that the baby does not sleep all night

Even following all the tips and recommendations, if your newborn or baby still has difficulty sleeping for more than one consecutive hour, it is important to seek help from a pediatrician. Since there are some physical factors that can interfere with sleep, such as:

  • Cramps;
  • Itching in the gums due to the growth of the teeth;
  • Reflux;
  • Difficulty breathing;
  • Infections;
  • Between others.

Thus, when you notice your baby’s great difficulty in sleeping, seek help from a specialist doctor to find out if the lack of sleep is not related to some difficulty or discomfort he feels. Always remembering the importance of respecting the child and its different stages.

Finally, know that the periods and changes in your child’s sleep habits are constant. With this, at some times it is possible for your baby to sleep better than at others. But this is normal, be calm and remember that soon all this will pass.

So, did you like to know our tips on how to make your baby sleep through the night? Leave your comment and tell us which one worked. We will love to know!

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