How to prevent childhood obesity

According to alarming data from the World Health Organization (WHO) , more than 40 million children in the world, under 5 years of age, are overweight or obese . This data is a warning for parents and caregivers to be more and more attentive to their children’s nutrition.

However, overweight and obesity are reversible and can and should also be prevented. If you take care of the child’s nutrition since the introduction of food , you will reap the futures with a healthy child far from these statistics.

In this article, I’m going to talk a little more about how you can prevent childhood overweight and obesity .


Causes of childhood obesity

Obesity is a chronic disease caused by a combination of factors that can be genetic, environmental and behavioral. 

There are several causes that contribute to childhood overweight and obesity. Forcing your child to scrape the plate or eat when he doesn’t want to are some of them. This is because forcing the child to eat more ends up harming self-regulation.

The excessive consumption of sweets in childhood also facilitates weight gain, especially if the child is not encouraged to spend energy and play moving. The sum of sweets plus cell phone/TV is the perfect formula for an unhealthy weight gain.

The problem is that the chances of an obese child becoming an obese adult reach 80% . Not to mention that they can develop diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. So, pay attention to your baby’s diet. The time to teach him to eat well is now, as these will be the habits he will carry with him for a lifetime .

How to prevent childhood obesity

Preventing childhood obesity starts with breastfeeding. Breastfeeding the baby while you can makes all the difference . A baby who is breastfed is less likely to develop overweight and obesity.

But the main way to prevent childhood obesity is, without a doubt, creating healthy eating habits since the introduction of food . In addition, family dynamics are decisive for the children’s dietary pattern.

Therefore, from the beginning of the child’s food introduction, pay full attention to the foods you will offer. The BLW and BLISS methods , in which the baby is encouraged to pick up food and put it in the mouth, have several benefits. They are becoming popular precisely because they encourage healthier eating habits .

In addition, the BLW method helps in the formation of the child’s taste, promotes greater autonomy and helps in the acceptance of different foods in early childhood.

Avoiding sugar, sweets, fried foods and processed products before the baby is 2 years old is also very important. Offering these foods too early addicts the child’s taste buds , making them prefer them to healthy foods.

Use your creativity to create colorful and healthy dishes and thus arouse your little one’s curiosity . Invite them to help you prepare meals so they will have more contact with the food and will choose the ones they like best.

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Above all, lead by example! Cultivate good eating habits for the whole family, as these will define your children’s future habits.

And don’t forget that prevention is always better than cure. Creating healthy eating habits early is better than having to take some medication or restrict certain foods when being overweight becomes a problem.

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