BLW Insurance Cuts – Complete Guide

The BLW method is a safe approach to starting the Feeding Introduction, however it is very important to know the safe cuts to avoid choking .

In addition to the cut, texture is also important. The sweet spot is when the food is firm enough to be picked up by hand but soft enough to be crushed with the dice. Take this test.

To help you get started with AI and end your insecurity when applying the method, we’ll show you the safe cuts and many tips tested by experienced mothers who have had success with BLW.

Security measures for BLW

Cuts are a key part of a safe meal when the family opts for approaches such as BLW , BLISS and ParticipacipAtiva . But other precautions must be taken while feeding the baby.

Below we list the safety measures that help prevent accidents and make the baby more aware and attentive while eating:

  • The baby needs to be 6 months old and more than the signs of readiness to start the Feeding Introduction;
  • Small foods (such as peas, chickpeas, etc.) should only be offered whole when the child acquires the pinch movement (thumb + index finger);
  • The caregiver needs to be present at all times ;
  • Avoid using screens (mobile phone or TV) during the meal so that the baby is not distracted;
  • Do not force or blackmail and threaten the child to eat more;
  • The child needs to be seated firmly . Avoid reclined chairs such as those used for mealtimes;
  • And, of course, cut the food into a shape that’s easy to pick up and safe for the baby.

By following these recommendations given by Pediatricians and Specialist Nutritionists in BLW , you greatly reduce the chance of an accident happening.

Also remember that babies choke on baby food and even milk. There are several studies that show that BLW does not increase choking cases . The most important thing is to take all preventive measures and avoid accidents regardless of the method used in the Food Introduction.

Photos of BLW Insurance Courts

These images help a lot, don’t they? If you liked it, take a look at this tip below!

Complete Cuts and Texture Guide for BLW

These images and many others explaining how to make the correct cuts and textures for BLW are in the Color Plate Cuts and Textures for BLW E-book .

The e-book is divided by age, so you learn the safest way for every step of your child’s Food Introduction.

This book was prepared by the Food Engineer and Master in Food Science , Bárbara Toledo. It costs only R$39.90 and is the best material about BLW cuts you will find on the internet.

I’ll leave the direct link to the booklet for those who really want to do BLW the right way:

Still in doubt about BLW cuts? Leave a comment that we’d love to help with this very important stage of your baby’s development.

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