Readiness Signs for Food Introduction

Do you know when your baby is ready to start eating? The age recommended by the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics is 6 months , as long as the baby shows signs of readiness. But what are these signs anyway?

In this article, you will learn how to identify that your baby is ready to safely ingest solids. The signs of readiness indicate that the body is ready to start discovering food . It’s a long journey that needs to start at the right time, without anxiety, so that the process can be enjoyable for the family.

See below for signs of readiness for the food introduction:
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1. Sit without support (or with minimal support)

It is around 6 months that the baby develops the ability to fully support the head and trunk and to sit unsupported . This control is important to avoid choking . Offering baby food in child seats, for example, can be very dangerous. The baby needs to be in an upright position to be able to deal with possible choking.

2. Knowing how to pick up objects and take their mouths

This is another skill acquired in the first months of life that demonstrates the baby’s minimal autonomy to bring food to the mouth. For those who will follow the BLW guidelines in the introduction of food, it is very important that the baby already has this mastery.

3. Tongue protrusion reflex decreasing

Babies from newborns tend to stick out their tongues when exploring something with their mouth. This helps with breastfeeding but can interfere with solids feeding. If the baby still has this reflex, he tends to push food out of his mouth.

4. Show interest in food

If the baby is already watching people eating and showing curiosity, this is a good sign. He needs to want to explore and learn about food. Allow the baby to be with you during meals to help with this process.

These are the signs you should look out for in your baby. But wait until 6 months is complete and the child actually shows these signs. Starting the introduction of food ahead of time can create more stress than usual for the family. This is an important step that requires patience from parents and caregivers .

Have you already decided which method to use in AI? Our article on food introduction methods can help you.

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