Breakthrough Tea: 7 Ideas to Surprise All Family and Friends

Knowing about the pregnancy is a great emotion and so is the discovery of the child’s sex. And for that, there are currently many creative and fun ideas for making revelation tea , surprising all family and friends.

Want to learn more about these tips? So read on and see some suggestions on how to reveal your baby’s gender! Check out!

Revelation tea

Pregnancy involves several emotions and unforgettable moments, from discovering the coming of a new life to birth, there are moments of many expectations, joys and anxiety. Therefore, discovering the baby’s sex can also be done in a joyful and fun way, involving the whole family and friends.

But first of all it’s very important to start tracing some points that really keep the mystery until the revelation date. Thus, if parents also do not want to know if it is a boy or girl before the event, notify the doctor in advance when performing an ultrasound and, similarly, do not check the result and report of the exam.

Also choose someone trustworthy and discreet to deliver the result and ask that this information be shared only with the revealing tea organizers .

In case parents want to know the result and only hope to surprise their family and friends, it is also possible. However, it is very important to hold back the anxiety not to say anything to anyone!

Now that you know how to start planning the revelation tea, we will bring you some ideas to do without high investments and with great joy. Check out!

7 Ideas for Breakthrough Tea

  • Cake with filling and colored dough;
  • Box with balloon with helium gas;
  • Cord cardboard box;
  • Cupcake revelation;
  • Target game with balloon;
  • Inked water gun warfare; and
  • Throw confetti.

Among all the related ideas, most are possible to do simply and cheaply, without much expense. So, if you want to celebrate the moment, but also save money, you will like our tips.

Now, to understand a little more about how to put these suggestions into practice, keep reading!

Cake with filling and colored dough

A simple, tasty and easy way to surprise and reveal during the baby shower is cake. It is already one of the classics, but it always guarantees emotions and good memories. In order to reveal the baby’s gender, it is important that the outer part and covering have a sober color that is not associated with any gender.

It is also possible to cover in two colors, an option that is usually chosen, as it guarantees great combinations with the possible decorations of the party.

However, it is important that the person who is going to bake the cake keeps the secret and also hides the color of the dough and filling well, making the discovery only when cutting the cake.

During the event, the cake should be in evidence so that everyone knows about the game and before that, at some time during tea, cut the cake to make the revelation.

In this idea, the dough and filling can be colored pink or blue, for example, or confetti can also be used to make the piñata-style filling. Another way used recently to surprise parents and family, in addition to ensuring great photos.

Box with balloon with helium gas

The box with helium gas balloon is a great suggestion for those who intend to make the revelation tea in an open or spacious place . It is also simple and inexpensive, however you need to find the helium gas option as only helium will allow the balloons to fly up into the air.

Generally, party stores have this possibility, so, if you are interested in doing this type of revelation, look for these places and see how to get the helium gas balloons.

After purchasing the balloons, the rest is easy, as you will need a large cardboard box and a lot of creativity to decorate the outside. Inside the box place the balloons with the determined color in order to identify the child’s gender and place them so that the parents can open them where there is also the view of the whole family and friends.

When opening the box, the balloons will fly upwards indicating whether it is a boy or a girl, a very beautiful moment for memories and photographs.

Cardboard box with balloons and string

For those who couldn’t find helium gas, no problem! There is an easy and very economical option that also guarantees surprise in any location, be it open or closed. Which is the cardboard box with balloons and crepe paper inside. It is necessary to use creativity, as in addition to these items mentioned, other accessories such as sequins and glitter can also be used.

Depending on the child’s gender, choose the color of the elements that will be inside the cardboard box and decorate it on the outside , in order to encourage play and doubt between who will participate in the revelation tea.

An important point is that you will need to close the cardboard box with a string that will open when pulled. Following this, the box should be hung somewhere and during the event parents should pull the string in order for the box to open. Thus, the balloons, crepons, among others, of the color that identify whether it is a boy or a girl come out.

Any box can be used, which encourages reuse and is also simple to do. All it takes is a little time and creativity.

Cupcake revelation

The revelation capucake is a great way to make the celebration from a distance with friends and family . That’s because, it follows the same idea of ​​the cake with colored filling mentioned above. However, individually, with this, each unit will be filled with the color that identifies the baby’s gender, decorated on the outside in a sober way and thus, sent to each guest.

At a certain moment of the event, which can be virtual or in person, the parents will indicate the time to eat the cupcake and with that, everyone will know if it will be a boy or a girl at the same time.

This is a creative way to make revelation tea even with people far away. What brings, cheers and surprises at the same time!

Popping the balloons game for the revealing tea

For those who like and are looking for games and interaction during the breakout tea, this can be a great alternative! However, it will be necessary to dedicate yourself to the confection, which can be a little laborious, but it will certainly result in a lot of fun.

Here it will be necessary to make a picture, which can be made with cardboard or cardboard, as well as 9 to 12 balloons hanging or glued, but which are dark in color. In each of them, place small pieces of paper of a sober color, for example, white, black or whatever you want will be placed. And only a paper will be placed in a bladder that will identify the baby’s sex .

Bladders can be popped up close with a pin or even from a distance with a dart. But care is needed! In this game, the intention is that the parents or different people play, in order to pop the bladder until hitting the one that has the color associated with the girl or boy.

Water gun war with ink

For those who like games and a lot of fun with friends and relatives, water guns with paint will be very successful. Here, an investment will be needed when acquiring the water guns, as well as the paints or dyes that will be needed.

The parents should wear a light clothing on tea revelation and it is also recommended to be done in the open.

At some point during the event, parents will have to signal the time to start the “water war” and guests will dispense the water that has been colored with ink or dye towards them, which will identify whether the baby is a boy or a girl . So, if you have a group of people who like games and interaction, invest in this one, as the participants are sure to enjoy the moment.

throws confetti

Another easy and inexpensive way to reveal the baby’s gender is with the revealing tea confetti throw, which can be found in party and decoration stores. They are simple, so they don’t need time to prepare and at the same time, they create a really cool effect for the event and the photos . Just choose the one that identifies the color associated with the baby’s gender.

The confetti throw can also be used in conjunction with some other form of revealing tea from the list, as it brightens and leaves the atmosphere festive. With that, if possible include the confetti toss in your revelation tea.

And an important reminder is that if you want, in addition to the usual pink and blue colors to distinguish the gender of the baby. It is also possible to use others such as lilac and green, among other possibilities. So, get creative!

Did you like our tips and ideas for making revelation tea? Leave your comment!

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