accompanies you through pregnancy and baby time, up to the kindergarten age of your child. We want to answer all your questions in a professional, understandable, and amicable manner without raising your index finger. We ourselves are mums and dads of very different and wonderful little people. Hence, we know that all parents and all children are different. There is simply no such thing as a universal method.

From pregnancy examinations to official matters to toddler education – we write about everything that interests pregnant women and young parents the most. Our content has been extensively researched and partly developed in cooperation with midwives, doctors, and other experts.

Young parents are a hit for the consumer industry. We, too, have fallen into many a consumption trap and have paid the hardship for it. That is why it is imperative to advise you honestly which things you really need and which you can confidently leave on the shelf. So you can fully concentrate on your family instead of your bank balance.