What can a 6 month old baby eat?

During the first six months, when the ideal is that the child has been exclusively breastfed, it is time to start introducing food . However, it is the child’s pediatrician who should confirm when solid foods should be started.

Even with the introduction of food – breast milk or formula – it must remain in free demand to ensure that the baby is ingesting the nutrients necessary for its development. And to help with this beginning of feeding, I’m going to talk today about what a 6-year-old can and cannot eat.

Introduction to food at 6 months

The introduction of food is the period in which the baby starts to ingest other foods besides breast milk. The ideal stage for this to happen, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) is at six months of age.

However, this age can vary depending on your baby ‘s development and signs of readiness . Therefore, we recommend that you discuss this with your pediatrician, who will monitor your baby frequently.

According to the Ministry of Health, children who are breastfed must have three meals a day, while those who are not breastfed must have at least 5 meals a day.

You can choose to follow the guidelines of any of the four methods we’ve mentioned in this other article .

What foods to offer?

During the introduction of food, it is essential that you introduce one food at a time . That way, it will be easier to identify possible food allergies and sensitivities. Furthermore, this allows the baby to adapt to the taste and texture of each food.

It is also recommended that the introduction be done gradually with foods from the family’s diet . Therefore, for the baby to have a healthy diet, it is essential that the whole family eat well, as children act a lot by imitation. Your child will want to eat what he sees you eating . Be an example!

Keep in mind that your child may refuse some foods, which is normal. Do not force or insist, offer another opportunity. It will often be necessary for you to offer the same food several times before the child accepts it.

But after all, what to offer the baby at 6 months?

The answer is: pretty much everything when it comes to natural foods. Examples:

Fruits: Banana, apple, avocado, papaya, melon, pear, watermelon, orange, kiwi, strawberry, etc.

Vegetables and vegetables: carrots, beets, zucchini, chayote, broccoli, kale, pumpkin, eggplant, etc.

Cereals, grains and tubers: Rice, beans, lentils, chickpeas, potatoes, cassava, pasta, etc.

In other words, no industrialized products . Being “real” food, you can offer it all. Always remember to offer food safely to avoid choking, especially if you have chosen the BLW method .

Do not forget that with the introduction of food for the child, the offer of water must be more frequent . Offer the baby filtered or boiled water.

what the baby should not eat

Salt should be avoided for at least 12 months of age, or used in minimal amounts. It is also very important to avoid until the baby is 2 years old: processed foods, fried foods, soft drinks, snacks, sugar and honey.

Always prioritize natural and fresh foods, leaving out frozen and processed foods . Do not blend the food in a blender so that it does not lose its texture, the groups do not mix and babies learn to chew.

[Extra] Can the baby eat an egg?

There has already been a lot of discussion regarding offering an egg to a 6-month-old baby. However, the recommendation of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics is that from this age on, the baby not only can, but must eat eggs, yes!

In order to prevent and reduce the rate of food allergies, it is recommended that eggs be included in the child’s diet from six months. This is due to the child’s immunological window, from 6 to 9 months , where the probability that he will develop some type of allergy is lower.

If you leave to introduce the egg in the child’s diet only after 9 months, the chance of allergy is much greater.

Is your baby in this age group? Tell us about his food introduction.

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