Best Educational Toys for 4 to 5 Years: Complete Guide 2021

During child growth, each phase is unique and that is why it is important to understand the needs at each age in order to stimulate correct development. Therefore, we will bring some suggestions of the best educational toys for 4 to 5 years, as well as tips to choose .

After all, from an early age it is important to stimulate skills such as motor coordination, logical reasoning, sensory, among others that will contribute to the learning process and healthy growth. But without giving up education with fun.

Want to know more? So keep reading and learn a lot more about the best 4-5 year old educational toys . Check out!

Best Educational Toys for 4-5 Years of 2021

As children progress, it is possible to perceive new learning needs and that is why it is important to know the options for activities and toys for each stage.

Generally, between 4 and 5 years old, some children already know some numbers and letters, which can also be stimulated through play. The coordination and reasoning are also very exploited. However, playful and make-believe activities are the most appreciated, as they allow the use of creativity and imagination, which children love to do at this time.

Thus, when choosing the best educational toy options for 4 to 5 years, remember to search for those that will offer greater possibilities for creation, such as assemblies and constructions . Symbol, color and animal recognition are also viable options that go well with the learning phase.

As well as games with simple rules, imitations and drawings, which equally contribute to creation, attention and reasoning. Fundamental factors for good learning and education.

That said, we’re going to introduce you to the best 4-5 year old educational toys , plus features to check out and ensure a better choice. Look!

Blocks and Edges 124 pieces – Melissa & Doug


  • Age indication: from 3 to 5 years old
  • Skills stimulated: Motor coordination, logical thinking, color and shape recognition, creativity and imagination
  • Material: Wood

The Blocks and Edges educational toy from the Melissa & Doug brand is undoubtedly a favorite in terms of learning, reasoning and attention.

That’s because it has 124 pieces of wood in different geometric shapes and colors, which when assembled make up designs and various possibilities for combinations.

It explores the senses a lot, since it is 100% manual and also requires attention to handling, thus helping in the logical reasoning process. Also, it can be used to decipher mathematical operations and geometry questions, extending usability and functionality.

Spatial awareness and organization are also areas worked on with this toy, expanding cognition in an expansive way. Therefore, it is a very viable and fun option to interact and teach. Allowing the child to use their imagination and create countless shapes, freely and even instinctively and so it is ideal for children between 4 and 5 years old

It is safe and certified with Inmetro safety and quality seals, but it is important to remember to pay attention to avoid putting it in the mouth or nose, since it has small parts and cords that can be sucked or screwed. So beware! And follow the recommendation not to offer it to children under the age of three.

Furthermore, this educational toy is highly recommended, as it will undoubtedly work with skills and also leave the child busy for a long time with assemblies and possibilities.

So, if you have doubts and are looking for a toy that is really enjoyable for children from 4 to 5 years old, our suggestion is Blocos e Bordas with 124 pieces by Melissa & Doug.

Pets 16 Cubes Puzzle – Melissa & Doug


  • Age indication: from 3 to 5 years old
  • Skills stimulated: Motor coordination, problem solving, perception, creativity and imagination
  • Material: Wood

For those who want an educational toy for children from 4 to 5 years old, who work with attention and logical reasoning to solve problems, our suggestion is the Pets Puzzle with 16 Cubes by Melissa & Doug.

This toy is ideal for this age group, as it stimulates most of the necessary skills, in addition to fun and allowing interaction. It consists of 16 cube pieces, capable of forming six different animal designs, very cute, which also help in perception and recognition.

Therefore, it is ideal for awakening concentration, perception and reasoning. It is also safe, as it does not have small parts or detachable parts, as well as it is made of robust and quality material, making its durability and use to be prolonged.

It has Inmetro’s safety and quality seal and both the tray and the pieces are made of wood, stimulating the child’s touch and other senses.

So, if you are looking for a toy for those who are curious, enjoy challenges and fun, a great option is the Pets Puzzle with 16 Cubes by the brand Melissa & Doug.

Dough and Letters Set with 6 Multicolor Pots – Play Doh


  • Age indication: from 3 to 7 years old
  • Skills stimulated: Imagination, motor coordination, learning the letters of the alphabet, touch and color recognition
  • Material: Plastic and play dough

Practically all children like plasticine and that’s why this is a great suggestion for an educational toy also for the age group from 4 to 5 years old.

Thus, the Play Doh Play Doh Set with 6 Multicolor Pots is ideal, as it contains alphabet letter shapes, stimulating learning, as well as word formation and reading.

In addition to the molds, there are 6 different colors of dough that allow for different combinations and even mixtures, which also invites the child to try out new colors by unleashing their imagination and creativity.

Likewise, motor coordination is worked on, as it invites her to make various movements when handling the play dough, such as kneading, rolling, stretching, among others, also helping with touch and manual skills.

It is safe, non-toxic and has the Inmetro seal, but requires attention and instruction so that it is not consumed or placed in the nose and ear, which can lead to serious complications.

And besides, it is also a toy that can be used in the long term, because at all stages, it works with the child’s stimuli to the imagination, making it possible to play in a free, healthy and independent way.

Therefore, if you are looking for an option aimed at handicrafts, make-believe and playful games, our suggestion is the Play Doh Play Doh Set with 6 Multicolor Pots.

Memory Game – Portuguese, English and Spanish – Toyster Toys


  • Age indication: from 4 to 8 years old
  • Skills stimulated: Reading, logical reasoning, perception, attention and memorization
  • Material: Cartonado

If you want an educational toy for 4 to 5 years that encourages reading in different languages, perception, attention and logical reasoning, the ideal toy is the Memory Game in Portuguese, English and Spanish by Toyster Toys.

In it, it contains 24 pairs of animals, which, in addition to the figure for representation, have names in Portuguese, English and Spanish, aiding in literacy, even in other languages. And even if your child hasn’t read it yet, this activity can be a great stimulus. It allows interaction and participation with friends and family. Another feature that this age group likes to enjoy.

It is made of cardboard material, durable and also safe, as it does not contain small or detachable parts. In addition to being colorful, with a cheerful and fun look.

The game comes with a sturdy box, which helps to store and preserve it, and it can also be used for a long time, helping during school activities and reading and writing development.

It is also certified by Inmetro and thus, it becomes a viable and safe suggestion to give and use, even without the effective supervision of the parents.

So, if you don’t want to make a mistake when choosing educational toys for 4 to 5 years, our purchase suggestion is the Memory Game in Portuguese, English and Spanish by the Toyster Toys brand.

Children’s Magnetic Whiteboard with Easel Letters Chalk and Pen – Stamps


  • Age indication: over 3 years old
  • Skills stimulated: Motor coordination, writing, reading, imagination and creativity
  • Material: Wood, plastic and EVA

For children who are starting to write their first letters, the Children’s Magnetic Whiteboard with Easel Letters Giz and Pen from Carimbras is a great suggestion for an educational toy. Well, it stimulates several intellectual areas, in addition to entertaining and inviting interaction.

It is made of wood with two sides, one green for use with chalk and the other white for use with a pen. It stands upright from the tripod system and also has a magnetic part, where letters and numbers can be placed and used as a template for copying while learning to write.

The toy also comes with EVA letters and numbers in different colors, also allowing the construction of words and phrases that will help in development. And for the organization, an object holder accompanies the product, helping and stimulating the storage process.

It is about 1 meter high and the blackboard measures 54 x 51 cm, allowing a good space to create, draw and have fun. Plus, it comes with 1 whiteboard brush, 4 colored chalks and 1 small eraser, for immediate use and enjoyment.

It is safe as it has no small or detachable parts and is simple to use. It can be used for the long term and also encourages interaction and play with other children, a very common attitude and appreciated by 4-5 year olds.

So, if you are looking for an educational toy option that can be used in different ways, helping to learn in a playful and fun way, choose the Children’s Magnetic Whiteboard with Easel Letters Giz and Pen from Carimbras.

Educational Clock – Melissa & Doug


  • Age indication: from 3 to 5 years old
  • Skills stimulated: Motor coordination, logical reasoning, recognition of numbers and hours
  • Material: Wood

Finally, a fun educational toy that teaches numbers and time is the Melissa & Doug Educational Clock.

This is because it is a round wooden clock, but it has loose pieces in different shapes to compose the hour numbers. These pieces, in addition to having different geometric shapes, which will help in perception, vision and logical reasoning, are also colorful, resulting in a fun toy that attracts attention.

In the center, the hands are rotating and allow the child to explore different possibilities and combinations to better understand the concept of time. The numbers, as they can be taken out, can also be used to teach counting, among other mathematical concepts.

It is light and safe, with the possibility of prolonged use. So, when choosing the best educational toys for 4-5 years, consider purchasing the Melissa & Doug Educational Clock.

How to choose an ideal 4-5 year old educational toy?

To choose the best educational toy for 4 to 5 years, it is important to analyze some criteria, so that the purchase is appropriate and with good use in relation to the child. And for that, knowing the tastes, as well as aptitudes that please the most is fundamental .

Likewise , identifying whether the toy’s age indication matches is important, as well as other points that can influence the effective choice. That’s because it’s not always so easy to please the little ones, but with a few tips, educational toys can be favorites. In addition to being great to assist in the education process.

With this, to learn more about choosing the best educational toy for children aged 4-5, read on and learn more. Check out!

Research the child’s preferences

Each person has specific tastes and this would not be different with children, regardless of stage. However, between 4 and 5 years old, according to most opinions, recreational activities, which stir the imagination, bring challenges and simple standards are the most accepted.

As well as the letters, numbers and colors that also arouse attention and interest. Since, now they understand better and so, they can decipher and interact with the message that the toy intends to convey or teach.

That said, talk to the child and also notice which activities are the most stimulating and contribute to their development. If she is already in school, for example, toy options that work with writing, counting and reasoning may be the most indicated .

Likewise, if the child does not have a lot of concentration and wants to stimulate it, this can be the focus of the search for stimulation in toys, offering activities that require this discipline.

At this age, coloring, drawing and playing with play dough, for example, are also very stimulating games that help in motor coordination, creativity, development of touch and other sensory skills. So consider all these options and think about which one will please your child the most.

By paying attention to this issue, the choice of the best educational toy will be done properly and with a guarantee of success, so that the child will really enjoy and enjoy.

Check the age indication of the educational toy

All toys, whether educational or not, have an age indication to direct the activity to the appropriate stage . Therefore, when choosing the best educational toy for 4 to 5 years, remember to also pay attention to this information, which is usually found on the product packaging.

When choosing the activity or toy with the ideal indication for the stage in question, the stimuli and skills worked will have a better effect, in addition to effectively contributing to learning.

Therefore, this also helps in acceptance, motivation and healthy growth, as well as attention, cognition and intelligence.

Therefore, when looking for the best educational toy options from 4 to 5 years old, check if the chosen one is within the age group. And if you identify this, know that this is another favorable indication for purchase and acceptance.

Find out what are the main skills stimulated by educational toys from 4 to 5 years old

During childhood, the best way to teach is through games and therefore, when choosing the best educational toy for 4 to 5 years, check which are the main skills stimulated in the activity. For example, logical reasoning, organization, motor coordination, reading, attention, counting numbers, among others.

That’s because any educational toy has a learning functionality. And as mentioned before, this is a great alternative to help resolve doubts and develop skills.

Plays and activities that imitate the parents’ daily life, such as working, taking care of the kitchen, feeding the pets, tidying the room, among others, can also be considered educational. They instruct children in long-term activities and responsibilities.

That said, toys that copy or are similar to these adult attitudes can also be considered during purchase and are sure to be a hit with children between 4 and 5 years old.

With this, when choosing, remember to always reflect on what you intend to instruct or assist in childhood learning, in order to acquire it!

Remember to look for the Inmetro seal or security certifications

Another important point that must always be analyzed before purchasing any toy or utensil for children is the safety and quality seal of Inmetro – National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology.

This is because this seal is a certification and guarantee that the toy has undergone tests that will ensure, among other things, that there is less risk of accidents related to breakage, parts and material . As long as the age recommendation is suitable for the child, as we have said before, and is also used correctly.

When choosing toys with this seal, the purchase without any doubts, will be better and with a guarantee of use without damage. However, also remember to check for other factors, such as small parts, sharp parts, and exposed flaps that can also hurt.

Therefore, pay attention to the security criteria and when checking this, surely the choice will be more appropriate. As well as acceptance by the child and the whole family.

Prefer toys that can be used for the long term

Now, to ensure that the toy is enjoyed by the child, while also ensuring a good cost-benefit ratio, our tip is to choose the options that are versatile to the point of prolonged use.

This means that during the purchase, a good suggestion is to opt for those who have an age indication beyond the child’s age . But as long as it is also within the child’s age and development range.

During the choice, for example, it is possible to check some toys that are indicated from 3 to 8 years old. And so, they become viable options that will encourage longer use.

Likewise, those that involve activities related to school, such as counting, numbers and letters, will also be used for a longer time, where they can even be used to answer questions and provide explanations.

So, when choosing, remember to check if the age indication allows for long-term use and at different stages of growth. This, of course, will also be an adequate indication of how to choose the best educational toy for 4 to 5 years.

And now, that you already know what to evaluate before purchasing, let’s tell you which one, in our opinion, is in first place as the best. Check out!

What is the best educational toy for 4-5 years?

Finally, we will now bring in our opinion which is the best educational toy for children from 4 to 5 years old. And the chosen game was Blocks and Edges with 124 pieces by Melissa & Doug .

This toy, in addition to being beautiful and nostalgic, is very instructive and helps in several educational areas. It works with motor coordination, logical reasoning, problem solving, color recognition and geometric shapes.

It also stimulates imagination and creativity a lot, as it invites the child to assemble different designs with the same pieces. Which demonstrates the countless possibilities for creation. This will undoubtedly arouse the attention of the little ones who will spend some time exploring the toy’s versatility.

In addition to the parts, there are also trays with the design template, helping the younger ones to assemble. However, the recommendation is to avoid use by children under three years of age. Since, there is a risk of accidents if it is ingested or expired. With that attention!

Other than that, Blocos e Bordas with 124 pieces by Melissa & Doug is highly recommended and synonymous with success among children aged 4 to 5 years. So, if you are still in doubt, stay calm and prefer this game. The investment will pay off in terms of learning.

Did you like to know the best educational toy options for 4 to 5 years? So leave your comment!

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