Activities for 1 Year Olds: 7 Fun Games to Help Child Development

After the baby arrives, each phase is a breakthrough filled with developmental breakthroughs. Therefore, we have gathered some activity tips for the 1 year old baby , which will stimulate the senses and have fun. In addition to helping parents with creativity and interaction.

After all, it’s not always easy to come up with ideas to complete the children’s day, especially at home. So, if you are interested and want to know more, keep reading and discover easy and inexpensive tips to play with your little one. Check out!

Activities for the 1 year old

During the first year of life, the changes that occur with babies are intense, even more with the arrival of 1 year old, since they become more curious, attentive and ready to start new stages of learning and discoveries . And that’s why it’s so important to do activities and games, as this will contribute to development, also stimulating cognition and thinking.

Generally, outdoor activities are the most suitable, as they allow the best interaction with the outside world, also making the little one gain the perception of himself. However, in addition to them, there are possibilities for exercises and games for indoors that play a great role in entertainment and interaction.

So, thinking about it, we will now bring several options to do indoors, in the backyard or apartment, stimulating the imagination of the child and parents alike. Want to know more? So keep reading!

7 Activity Tips for 1 Year Olds

  • Play with kitchen pots and lids;
  • Fishing for caps with the sieve;
  • Playing finger toys;
  • Paint painting;
  • Musical instruments with kitchen utensils;
  • Box with grains and pots; and
  • Soap bubbles.

All the games listed can be made with purchased materials, but also with recipes and homemade options. So, if you don’t want to spend, this is a great way to unleash your imagination without giving up the economy.

Another point that should be taken into account when preparing the games is the size of the chosen objects, as well as the materials for the execution, since at this age children tend to take everything in their mouths.

So, be very careful and if possible follow the games closely , avoiding accidents and other discomforts.

Another important tip to do during activities for a 1 year old is always to put a sheet, towel or mat for the game before the game . Therefore, this will avoid a lot of dirt in the place, in addition to encouraging the association of the utensil with playtime.

This will also leave the activity space better delimited, allowing the development not to interfere with other responsibilities as well as residents of the house.

Now, without further ado, we’ll cover how to do each of the activities covered, allowing for fun, learning and interaction with your 1 year old. Look!

Play with kitchen pots and lids

At this stage, children love to test the space, fit and cover. For this reason, pots and containers with a lid can be great fun, even more so if they are colored . With that, separate some different models, shapes and colors of lidded and plastic pots.

Prepare a space where the baby can make a mess and leave all the dishes available for him to explore in any way he wants. Soon, you will notice that the child will be amazed by the different colors and possibilities, as well as the ability and perception to distinguish the different models.

Repeat the game from time to time and take the opportunity to follow the development of your little one.

Fishing for caps with the sieve

Fishing with pats and sieves is a great activity suggestion to develop motor coordination, as well as grip and the senses of touch and sight. To do this activity, the following items will be needed:

  • A bucket or basin of water;
  • Colored plastic bottle caps (at least 10 pieces); and
  • A sieve.

After separating the materials, place a cloth, towel or sheet where the game will be played, in order to avoid too much mess with the water. There, place the bucket with the water and pour all the colored caps inside. Put the baby in a comfortable position in relation to the bucket, especially the height, and you can start playing.

At first, show him how to get the cap with the sieve and then let him try it alone. If you start to pick up the caps with your hands, no problem. The important thing is to let the baby express and develop gradually.

In addition to bottle caps, colored balls or plastic toys can be used. Just use your imagination!

Also take the opportunity to do this activity in the summer or hot days , allowing the fun to be pleasant and prolonged. And remember to supervise, preventing the baby from putting caps or small toys in his mouth.

play with fingers

If you like to tell stories to your baby, the fingers are great ways to make the game playful, as well as awaken the child’s attention. To do this activity, commercialized or self-made dooches can be used.

And from them it is possible to develop different themes , often even capable of teaching behaviors and lessons, stimulating empathy and learning . However, for the game to be cool, take time to dedicate yourself to the activity, as well as give yourself to the game, making different voices and creating plots that allow the child to feel part of the story.

Now, if you want to learn how to do your fingers at home, we’ve put together a video that teaches you how to do it in a simple and economical way. The materials needed to create the characters are:

  • Bond paper;
  • Colored pencils;
  • Black pencil;
  • Rubber;
  • Scissors;
  • Ruler; and
  • Scotch tape.

Check out how to do it in the Furor Pedagógico channel video!

How to Make Paper Fingering – Video – Tutorial:

Likewise, to develop the characters, use creativity and also take the opportunity to create options that the child can identify with.

paint painting

Painting is an activity that appeals to virtually all age groups and this is no different with 1-year-olds. After all, at this stage they will be delighted with both the colors and the texture of the paint and the possibilities of mixtures.

Therefore, use gouache paints, but remember to choose non-toxic ones. Place a large piece of paper or cardstock, or if you prefer, several sheets of A4 together to form a large blank space. Also choose a place prepared to receive possible dirt and if you want to put brushes.

Make everything available for the child to express themselves and to be more relaxed about the dirt, put on an easy-to-clean outfit or even leave the baby only in a diaper. Because this will allow him to also paint the body and test this new element that was presented to him.

However, if you don’t want to buy gouache paints, there is also a homemade recipe for making them with wheat flour, salt and edible coloring. That, in addition to being economical, it is also safe since it does not present a risk if the baby puts it in his mouth. Check out!

Home Paint – Video – Tutorial:

Certainly, this activity for 1 year old baby that involves painting will be one of the favorites and can be repeated at different stages of development.


Musical instruments with kitchen utensils

Discovering new sounds is also a strong feature for the 1 year phase. Therefore, take advantage of kitchen utensils such as pans, plastic containers, bowls, among other safe possibilities of different sizes and shapes.

Likewise, also offer a wooden spoon or other instrument that can be used to make sounds and encourage your baby to create sounds with these instruments.

This will develop the senses in addition to motor coordination . However, be patient with the noise and if possible do this outdoors, allowing the baby to express himself more freely.

Box with grains and pots

Another activity that is successful with 1-year-old babies is the box with grains and plastic pots. For this you will need some type of grain from your kitchen such as beans, lentils, corn or peas. However, to avoid waste, try to use those close to expiration or that are no longer suitable for consumption.

Place the beans in a large plastic pot and also make available to the child smaller pots in different colors and shapes, as well as spoons or shovels to use when stirring the beans.

In this activity, the objective is for the baby to use motor coordination when transferring between the different containers , as well as stimulating senses such as touch and hearing.

However, an important warning in this activity is regarding parental supervision, in order to prevent the baby from putting grains in the mouth, nose, ear , among other places. So, when offering this game, follow closely and suspend the game in case there is any problem.

Soap bubbles

Soap bubbles are successful in practically all children’s stages. And besides, this game is cheap, simple to make and versatile, since it can be done both indoors and out .

So, set aside a bowl to make the soap and water mixture. Or if you prefer, watch the video below and learn how to make the balls, in addition to the blow mold with a cut PET bottle.

This activity is great to have fun and encourage your baby to move , both those who are already walking and those who are learning to take their first steps.

PET Bottle Mold Soap Bubbles – Video – Tutorial:

Finally, did you like our tips and suggestions for games and activities for 1 year old? So leave your comment and let us know which one was the most successful with your baby!

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